Become a Certified Encounter Coach

Is it your passion to coach the deep places of people’s hearts—to create transformational experiences that mark them forever? What if you knew how to give people what they’ve spent a lifetime longing for in only a few minutes, through a whole new connection with Jesus?

You can with Encounter Coaching, a new discipline that uses experiential encounters with Jesus—right in the middle of the coaching conversation!—to transform beliefs, desires and behavior. You can get professional training and certification in this powerful coaching approach in locations across the globe through Leadership MetaFormation.

What You’ll Learn
Leadership MetaFormation’s Encounter Coaching Certification Program starts you out with fundamentals like intuitive listening, powerful questions, goals, and actions. Then you’ll learn the simple, beautiful process of asking Questions for Jesus. In no time you’ll be filling deep desires, transforming guardian beliefs, and much more. Each course offers a new toolset: 

What You Get
More! More content, more instructor contact hours, more mentor coaching than competing programs:

  • Three powerful three-day workshops
  • 24 weeks of structured peer follow-up groups
  • ‘Foundations’ e-course including seven hours of video demos and five live practice hours
  • 32 hours of group mentor coaching 
  • Free limited access to our members area
  • Zoom graduation ceremony

Earn a Credential
We offer two paths to Encounter Coaching Certification: a full program for those new to coaching, and a shorter continuing ed version for already-certified coaches who want to add Encounter Coaching to their toolkit. Get complete information on the program here: 

Your Instructor

Certified MetaFormation Trainer

Todd Olsen

Todd specializes in helping business leaders all over the world build healthy businesses that have a transformational kingdom impact. During his 30 year career at Ford, Todd had some amazing experiences - started a JV Shanghai, China, negotiated multi-billion $$ deals selling companies like Aston Martin and Volvo, and helped the company develop its self-driving car strategy. In early 2016, Todd sensed God calling him into a new adventure so he voluntarily retired from a successful career at Ford. He took a one-year sabbatical (my 'Gap Year'), hired his own coach, and used that time to prepare for his next big adventure. Todd discovered that he loves to empower people through trustworthy partnerships - helping them understand that in Christ, you are 'More Than Enough'. This is at the heart of his vision for his LM-affiliated coach training business - Designed For Legacy. On a personal level, Todd has been happily married to Kathy for over 32 years. Together they have 5 kids and 5 grandkids. He loves activities that bring him outdoors - mountain biking, downhill skiing, hiking, camping. He's also lived overseas for 6+ years (both Asia and Europe) and loves to experience new things through friendships with people of different cultures.

Register Here

For full certification, pay half down now, then three installments as you take each of three core courses ($2934.00 total).

For the Continuing Ed version, pay 1/3 down and 1/3 as you take each of two core courses ($1482.00 total). You must have already received a coaching certification from a recognized school to choose this option.