A Practical Introduction to Christian Coaching

with LM Certified Trainer Terry Lee

  • Watch master coaches at work in over seven hours of live coaching demos

  • Learn in a cohort-based class with peers

  • Includes five hours of live practice time with peers

Create Real Transformation

Get started in the exciting world of coaching with this polished and professional course on the coaching fundamentals. Its a great set of communication and leadership skills for leaders, pastors, counselors--anyone who wants to go beyond giving trite advice and learn to help others really change.


Designed by Tony Stoltzfus, who has authored a dozen coaching books and trained 1000's of coaches over 20 years, you'll be learning from the best. Even better, its a course you'll love taking! The 35 video sessions are nearly all live, unrehearsed coaching demos (instead of talking head lectures) by Tony and his fellow LM trainers.

Details and Description

Encounter Coaching is built on a foundation of practical coaching skills: the tools and techniques that underlie all types of coaching. We'll cover skills like:

  • Setting up a coaching relationship
  • developing SMART goals
  • Creating options
  • Converting options to action steps
  • Intuitive listening 
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Providing healthy accountability
  • Overcoming obstacles

How You'll Learn
This is NOT a video course where you'll just listen to a lecturer! Instead, you'll learn through three complementary methods: reading for content, video demos to see and experience the technique, and practice sessions where you'll try these skills out yourself:

  1. CONTENT (reading)
    The book, Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus has been widely used in coach training programs for years thanks to its practical systematical approach. Each section of the course begins by reading one or more chapters from the book. (You will need to purchase a copy to do the course.)

    The next step is to watch what you've learned being demonstrated by expert coaches. we've included over seven hours of real-life demos and debriefings so you can see and experience what you are reading. Watching a great coach at work is one of the best ways to learn to coach!

  3. PRACTICE (Live sessions)
    You'll get a chance to practice your new skills with five hours of live practice time with expert feedback. If you are taking the course with a cohort, you'll get the practice schedule from your trainer. If you take it as an independent study, you'll also attend the 5-hour Foundations Practice Webinar (free with this course) where you'll practice with others on-line.

Time Required
The whole course (including reading, watching the demos and practice time) should take about 22 hours to complete.

You can take the course in a cohort of fellow aspiring coaches with a Certified LM trainer (check our training schedule for start times), or do it as an independent study and attend our monthly Foundations Practice Webinar to get in your practice time.

Your Instructor

Certified MetaFormation Trainer

Terry Lee

Hi, I’m Terry, a Certified Encounter Coach and Trainer with Leadership Meta-Formation. I have a lengthy background in Ministry Leadership, Missions Mobilization and serving on Church Mission Boards. 45 years of it! And I spent two decades working in the corporate world at a university in Southern California supporting myself as a single mom of four. I’m dedicated to serving others in leadership - Cross-Cultural leaders and leaders in transition. Training and equipping them to live, lead, and coach from the heart. It’s amazing to see clients identify and reach their goals from the perspective and encouragement that a coach can provide. I’m also dedicated to my 10 grandkids (9 Girls and 1 Boy!). They amaze me and keep me busy too! Before I became a coach, I took more ownership for the results and mistakes of others, than they did for themselves. Now, I listen and ask better questions. I get to watch Jesus empower others to fix their OWN problems. When I went through my divorce, I took a step back and looked at what God wanted to do in my life and in my own heart. The transformation was significant! Now, I love supporting others going through their own transitions, no matter what kind that is, and watching Jesus’ work in their lives to overcome obstacles. It’s exciting to see who He will have me come alongside next. That could be you!

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