Marketing... just the thought is distasteful for a lot of Christian leaders. But  to succeed in your affiliate, you'll have to get people to come to your workshops--and that's marketing.

This course begins with a look at what scripture says about planting, watering and reaping. Then we'll cover what a marketing plan is, the five key questions it answers, and how to find those answers for your business. We'll also cut through all the different ideas and approaches to home in on what kinds of marketing work when you are selling an experience like an LM workshop to a Christian audience. You'll end up with a marketing plan that fits your situation and a set of practical steps to walk it out.


LM Director

Tony Stoltzfus

The Founder and Director of Curriculum Development of Leadership MetaFormation, Tony specializes in helping senior ministry and business leaders engage God in difficult circumstances and finish well. A lifelong student of personal change and personality type, Tony is a highly-sought-after transformational coach with a worldwide clientele.

A pioneer in the Christian coaching movement, Tony has trained thousands of coaches, co-founded an international coaching school and created a wide range of leadership resources used around the world. He is the author of ten books, including Coaching Questions, the top-selling coaching how-to on

Tony developed, an on-line Christian coaching bookstore and publisher of Christian coaching resources, and is creator of The Calling Journey, a research-based online calling timelining tool.

Tony travels widely, leading workshops and speaking on heart transformation and coaching. He is known as a speaker for an interactive, adult learning approach to training that fully engages participants, and for a high level of personal transparency. He and his wife Kathy have two grown children and reside in Redding, California. He enjoys being in nature, watching the stars, reading, laughter and projects around the house.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: A Biblical Perspective on Marketing (15 min)

    • ACTION STEP #1: Download the Course Worksheet (2 min)

    • Is Marketing Biblical?

    • What did you see? Quiz

  • 2

    What is a Marketing Plan? (40 min)

    • What is a Marketing Plan?

    • Wierd Video Clip Checkup

    • Tony's Rules for Marketing MetaFormation

    • ACTION STEP #2: Discussion: Marketing MetaFormation (15 min)

  • 3

    Making My Marketing Plan: Who Is My Target Audience? (100 min)

    • Making a Plan: Who Is My Target Audience?

    • ACTION STEP #3: Creating an Exemplar (15 min)

    • Fleshing Out the Exemplar

    • ACTION STEP #4: Fleshing Out Your Exemplar (15 min)

    • The Felt Need

    • ACTION STEP #5: My Exemplar's Felt Need (10 min)

    • Felt Needs of Past Attendees

    • ACTION STEP #6: Felt Needs of Teammates & Creating Your Exemplar Profile (30 min)

    • Post Your Exemplar Profile (10 min)

  • 4

    Making a Marketing Plan: Why Will They Come? (35 min)

    • Why Will They Come: Trust and Experience

    • ACTION STEP #7: Why did YOU Come? (10 min)

    • Your Reservoir of Trust

    • ACTION STEP #8: Identifying Your Reservoirs of Trust (20 min)

  • 5

    Making a Marketing Plan: What Information Do They Need? (10 min)

    • Take Notes!

    • What Information Do They Need?

    • Information Quiz

  • 6

    Taking Action: How and by When? (60 min)

    • How Will They See Your Message? Call Lists, Gatekeepers, and Comping People

    • Quiz: What Disaster Did You See?

    • ACTION STEP #9: Making Your Call List (20 min)

    • Reaching Out to Prior Attendees

    • ACTION STEP #10: Adding to Your Call List (10 min)

    • Plan a Taste and See Workshop, Plus Wrapup

    • Quiz: Multi-tasking Test

    • ACTION STEP #11: Begin Planning a Taste and See Event (20 min)

    • Cohort Session