Isn't Everyone in Transition?

Transitions are everywhere. Here are some great coaching to

  • One of the most common times for a client to retain a coach is during a transition.

  • Transitions have predictable phases and cycles, and knowing them will help you coach more successfully

  • Maybe you are in a transtion yourself! Here's how to navigate it well.


Major transitions are often seasons of frustration, difficulty and loss. The in-between times when we've lost the old thing and haven't yet moved into the new are difficult to navigate. How do you coach a leader through a major transition?

This audio coach training series from master trainer Tony Stoltzfus (originally released as a two-CD set) demonstrates transformational coaching techniques for helping coachees engage God's purposes for their growth in major life transitions. (And it will help YOU navigate your own transitions as well!) Starting with the idea that in transitions God births in you the character needed to reach your destiny, Tony shows how to connect times of suffering and difficulty to God's purposes, with several powerful Christian coaching tools based on Romans 8:28. This CD set provides teaching on understanding transitions, plus advanced Christian coach training for aspiring or practicing coaches. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Coaching Transitions

    • Coaching Transitions Introduction and Handouts

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 1

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 2

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 3

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 4

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 5

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 6

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 7

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 8

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 9

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 10

  • 2

    Coaching Transitions Disc 2

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 11

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 12

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 13

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 14

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 15

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 16

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 17

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 18

    • Coaching Transitions: Part 19

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About Your Instructor

Leadership MetaFormation Founder

Tony Stoltzfus

The Founder and Director of Curriculum Development of Leadership MetaFormation, Tony has been a coach and coach trainer for over 20 years. A lifelong student of personal change and personality type, Tony is a highly-sought-after transformational coach with a worldwide clientele.

A leader in the Christian coaching movement, Tony has trained thousands of coaches, co-founded several coaching schools and created a wide range of leadership resources used around the world. He is the author of a dozen books on coaching, including Coaching Questions, the top-selling coaching how-to on

Tony developed, an on-line Christian coaching bookstore and publisher of Christian coaching resources, and is creator of The Calling Journey, a research-based online calling timelining tool.

Tony travels widely, leading workshops and speaking on heart transformation and coaching. He is known as a speaker for an interactive, adult learning approach to training that fully engages participants, and for a high level of personal transparency. He and his wife Kathy have two grown children and reside in Redding, California. He enjoys being in nature, watching the stars, reading, laughter and projects around the house.

Make Transitions Healthy

Become a coach who can lead people to Jesus in the midst of change.