A Practical Introduction to Christian Coaching

Created by master coach Tony Stoltzfus

  • Watch master coaches at work in over seven hours of live coaching demos

  • Learn in a cohort-based class or independent study

  • Includes five hours of live practice time with peers

Create Real Transformation

Get started in the exciting world of coaching with this polished and professional course on the coaching fundamentals. It's a great set of communication and leadership skills for leaders, pastors, counselors--anyone who wants to go beyond giving trite advice and learn to help others really change.

Designed by Tony Stoltzfus, who has authored a dozen coaching books and trained 1000's of coaches over 20 years, you'll be learning from the best. Even better, its a course you'll love taking! The 35 video sessions are nearly all live, unrehearsed coaching demos (instead of talking head lectures) by Tony and his fellow LM trainers.

Details and Description

Encounter Coaching is built on a foundation of practical coaching skills: the tools and techniques that underlie all types of coaching. We'll cover skills like:

  • Setting up a coaching relationship
  • Developing SMART goals
  • Creating options
  • Converting options to action steps
  • Intuitive listening 
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Providing healthy accountability
  • Overcoming obstacles

How You'll Learn
This is NOT a video course where you'll just listen to a lecturer! Instead, you'll learn through three complementary methods: reading for content, video demos to see and experience the technique, and practice sessions where you'll try these skills out yourself:

  1. CONTENT (reading)
    The book, Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus has been widely used in coach training programs for years thanks to its practical systematical approach. Each section of the course begins by reading one or more chapters from the book. (You will need to purchase a copy to do the course.)

    The next step is to watch what you've learned being demonstrated by expert coaches. We've included over seven hours of real-life demos and debriefings so you can see and experience what you are reading. Watching a great coach at work is one of the best ways to learn to coach!

  3. PRACTICE (Live sessions)
    You'll get a chance to practice your new skills with five hours of live practice time with expert feedback. If you are taking the course with a cohort, you'll get the practice schedule from your trainer. If you take it as an independent study, you'll also attend the 5-hour Foundations Practice Webinar (free with this course) where you'll practice with others on-line.

Time Required
The whole course (including reading, watching the demos and practice time) should take about 22 hours to complete.

You can take the course in a cohort of fellow aspiring coaches with a Certified LM trainer (check our training schedule for start times), or do it as an independent study and attend our monthly Foundations Practice Webinar to get in your practice time.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Foundations of Encounter Coaching (12 min)

  • 2

    Section 1: The Coaching Approach (120 min)

    • Section 1 Learning Objectives (1 min)

    • READING PART 1: Introduction Through Page 46 (45 min)

    • QUIZ | Foundations of Coaching (5 min)

    • Why Get Into Coaching? (8 min)

    • How to Torpedo Your Coaching Relationships (35 min)

    • What Coaching Is and Isn't (9 min)

    • QUIZ | What Coaching Is and Isn't (4 min)

    • EXERCISE: Elevator Speech (10-15 min)

  • 3

    Section 2: The Coaching Relationship (140 min)

    • Section 2 Learning Objectives (1 min)

    • READING Section 2: Chapters 4, 7 and 8 (45 min)

    • QUIZ | The Coaching Relationship (5 min)

    • Setting up the Coaching Relationship (10 min)

    • Working with Paying Clients | Intake and Comp Sessions (16 min)

    • EXERCISE: Profile Your Ideal Coachee (20 min)

    • Sample Coaching Contract (5 min)

    • Believing in People Part 1 (12 min)

    • Believing in People: Part 2 (8 min)

    • Believing in People Part 3 (16 min)

  • 4

    Live Practice Sessions

    • Live Practice Session Handouts

  • 5

    Section 3: Effective Goals and the Coaching Funnel (130 min)

    • Section 3 Learning Objectives (1 min)

    • READING Section 3: Chapter 9 and 10 (35 min)

    • QUIZ | Effective Goals and the Coaching Funnel (5 min)

    • My Best Moments in Coaching (8 min)

    • Introduction to Encounter Coaching (9 min)

    • Setting the Coaching Agenda (12 min)

    • Foundations Session 3: Smart Goals (16 min)

    • Intro to the Two Funnels (4 min)

    • The Two Coaching Funnels (42 min)

  • 6

    Section 4: Intuitive Listening (120 min)

    • Section 4 Learning Objectives (1 min)

    • READING Section 4: Chapters 11 & 12 (30 min)

    • QUIZ | Intuitive Listening (5 min)

    • Listening for Significance (15 min)

    • Intuitive Listening (14 min)

    • Following Your Intuition (21 min)

    • Story with Intuition Indicators (15 min)

    • EXERCISE: Practice Listening (15 minutes)

  • 7

    Section 5: Asking Powerful Questions (140 min)

    • Section 5 Learning Objectives (1 min)

    • READING Section 5: Chapter 13 (15 - 30 min)

    • QUIZ | Asking Powerful Questions (5 min)

    • The Impact of a Simple Question Part 1 (6 min)

    • The Impact of a Simple Question Part 2 (12 min)

    • The Impact of a Simple Question Outtakes (3 minutes)

    • EXERCISE: Your Coaching Spot (15 min)

    • Creating Your Question from the Coachee's Own Words (12 min)

    • Solution-Oriented Questions (8 min)

    • EXERCISE: Practice Asking (20 minutes)

    • Probing Questions (30 min)

  • 8

    Section 6: Problem Solving the Coaching Way (115 min)

    • Section 6 Learning Objectives (1 min)

    • READING Section 6: Chapter 14 (30 min)

    • QUIZ | Problem Solving the Coaching Way (5 min)

    • The Biggest Change in Becoming a Coach (6 min)

    • The Five Options Technique (12 min)

    • EXERCISE: Five Options (20 min)

    • The Ideal Future Technique (Walk Around the Block) - 22 min

    • Ideal Future Quiz (3 min)

    • The Line is Taking Your Choice Away (13 min)

  • 9

    Section 7: Action Steps and Accountability (120 min)

    • Section 7 Learning Objectives (1 min)

    • READING Section 7: Chapters 15 & 16 (45 min)

    • QUIZ | Action steps and Accountability (5 min)

    • Converting Options to Actions (Could do > Want to > Will do) - 7 min

    • Overcoming Obstacles (25 min)

    • Accountability Right and Wrong (20 min)

    • What to Do When People Don't Follow Through (15 min)

  • 10

    Section 8: Putting It All Together (130 min)

    • Section 8 Learning Objectives (1 min)

    • READING Section 8: Part III (15 min) Appendix A & B

    • QUIZ | Putting It All Together (3 min)

    • Coaching Through the Funnel (Practical Side) - 32 min

    • Coaching Through the Funnel: Encounter Coaching (28 min)

    • Next Steps: Where to Go from Here (7 min)

    • Display the "Foundations of Encounter Coaching" Badge (1 min)

    • Don't Miss Out! (3 min)

  • 11

    Final Exam (Take this if you want certification credit)

    • Final Exam - Only required if you want certification credit (20-40 min)

Meet Your Instructor

Leadership MetaFormation Founder

Tony Stoltzfus

The Founder and Director of Curriculum Development of Leadership MetaFormation, Tony has been a coach and coach trainer for over 20 years. A lifelong student of personal change and personality type, Tony is a highly-sought-after transformational coach with a worldwide clientele.

A leader in the Christian coaching movement, Tony has trained thousands of coaches, co-founded several coaching schools and created a wide range of leadership resources used around the world. He is the author of a dozen books on coaching, including Coaching Questions, the top-selling coaching how-to on Amazon.com.

Tony developed Coach22.com, an on-line Christian coaching bookstore and publisher of Christian coaching resources, and is creator of The Calling Journey, a research-based online calling timelining tool.

Tony travels widely, leading workshops and speaking on heart transformation and coaching. He is known as a speaker for an interactive, adult learning approach to training that fully engages participants, and for a high level of personal transparency. He and his wife Kathy have two grown children and reside in Redding, California. He enjoys being in nature, watching the stars, reading, laughter and projects around the house.

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