Go for Growth

Ask yourself: what if everyone in your church, staff or small group had a personal growth goal, plus an action step to move forward each week--AND a peer partner walking with them and cheering them on?

That sounds like a great recipe for transformation--but how do we make it happen?

That's what peer coaching is: creating structured relationships that help people grow, all using a coaching model.

Do it the Coaching Way

Coaching is 'helping people grow without telling them what to do.' Its that coaching approach that takes Peer Coaching to another level of effectiveness: you get real buy-in, because people get to set their own goals, choose their own actions, and pursue what is on their hearts.

This facilitated, nine-week course has two great outcomes:

  1. Lasting, growth-centered peer relationships with real authenticity and accountability
  2. You'll learn a valuable suite of coaching tools along the way.

Course Description

The Peer Coach Training Course includes nine weeks of high-impact teachings, live demonstrations, discussion and practice of key peer coaching skills. You'll learn to ask powerful coaching questions, develop action steps that actually get done, and how to provide a healthy accountability that offers grace but doesn't lower the standard. Then you'll see those skills demonstrated in actual peer coaching situations using real life issues.

Peer Coach training is much more than just sitting and listening to a lecturer! We follow brief teachings with coaching demonstrations showing you how these skills works in real life, and then draw out the principles you saw in the debriefing that follows. It's a fun, interactive process that will get everyone involved.  The art of coaching is as much caught as it is taught - and on these videos you'll get to learn by watching a really great coach at work.

Includes 26 video sessions by Master Coach Tony Stoltzfus, including 13 live, unrehearsed coaching demos where you can see the skills you are being taught demonstrated in real life.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Peer Coach Training Introduction

  • 2

    Orientation: Getting Started

    • VIDEO: The Power of Peer Coaching

    • VIDEO: Peer Coaching Demonstration

    • VIDEO: Training Overview

    • EXERCISE: Sign the Commitment Form (You Must Agree in order to Continue!)

    • ACTION STEPS: Do before your next group session!

    • Free Chapter from the Book, Leadership Coaching

  • 3

    Session 1: Growing Toward Your Destiny

    • VIDEO: Your Most Important Leadership Decision

    • POST: God's Agenda for Your Growth

    • VIDEO: The Peer Coaching Relationship

    • ACTION STEPS: Do Before Group Session 2

    • Bonus Resources for Finding Your Calling

  • 4

    Session 2: The Coaching Approach

    • POST: Share a Dream for Your Future

    • VIDEO: How to Torpedo Your Peer Relationship

    • POST: Listening and Asking Exercise

    • ACTION STEPS: Do before group session 3

    • Bonus: Free Decision Making Questions (excerpted from the book Coaching Questions)

  • 5

    Session 3: Building Authentic Relationships

  • 6

    Session 4: The Covenant Life

    • VIDEO: Healthy Accountability

    • VIDEO: Effective Accountability Questions

    • VIDEO: What to Do When We Don't Measure Up

    • POST: Asking Accountability Questions

    • ACTION STEPS: Do before group session 5

    • Bonus Resource

  • 7

    Session 5: Aiming for the Mark: Change Goals

    • VIDEO: The Power of Goals

    • VIDEO: SMART Goal Demo

    • POST: Developing a Change Goal

    • ACTION STEPS: Do before group session 6

    • Bonus Resource

  • 8

    Session 6: Taking Action

    • VIDEO: Turning Goals into Action Steps

    • VIDEO: Nailing Down a Step

    • VIDEO: Progress Reports

    • POST: Creating Action Steps

    • ACTION STEPS: Do before group session 7

  • 9

    Session 7: Coaching Your Peer

    • VIDEO: Problem Solving the Coaching Way

    • VIDEO: Gathering More Info

    • VIDEO: The Five Options Technique

    • VIDEO: Five Options Demo

    • POST: Creative Problem-Solving

    • ACTION STEPS: Do before group session 8

    • Bonus Resources: Power Up Your Asking Skills

  • 10

    Session 8: Energy for Change

    • VIDEO: A Little Change Theory/Affirmation

    • VIDEO: Affirmations - Celebrating Progress

    • VIDEO: Affirmations - Expressing Belief

    • VIDEO: Affirmations - Validating Identity

    • POST: Give your Peer a Shout-Out!

    • ACTION STEPS: Do after session 8

    • Resources to Keep Going!


Leadership MetaFormation Founder

Tony Stoltzfus

The Founder and Director of Curriculum Development of Leadership MetaFormation, Tony has been a coach and coach trainer for over 20 years. A lifelong student of personal change and personality type, Tony is a highly-sought-after transformational coach with a worldwide clientele.

A leader in the Christian coaching movement, Tony has trained thousands of coaches, co-founded several coaching schools and created a wide range of leadership resources used around the world. He is the author of a dozen books on coaching, including Coaching Questions, the top-selling coaching how-to on Amazon.com.

Tony developed Coach22.com, an on-line Christian coaching bookstore and publisher of Christian coaching resources, and is creator of The Calling Journey, a research-based online calling timelining tool.

Tony travels widely, leading workshops and speaking on heart transformation and coaching. He is known as a speaker for an interactive, adult learning approach to training that fully engages participants, and for a high level of personal transparency. He and his wife Kathy have two grown children and reside in Redding, California. He enjoys being in nature, watching the stars, reading, laughter and projects around the house.