Certified LM Facilitator

Mark Thomas

I am a man of faith, a husband to my fantastic wife Laurie for 39 years, and a father to four delightful children (two sons and two daughters). I am a graduate of Institute for Intercultural Coach Training and a Certified Leadership Metaformation Trainer, with additional training from PCCI and Great Relationships. I have had the privilege of offering many live and digital training courses to individuals and groups. I have 14 years of pastoral experience, and have coached people for hundreds of hours from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and ages, with all achieving success in the goals they set for themselves. Your success is my joy! If you are interested in personal coaching, contact me at mthomas@pathlightglobal.com to ask additional questions or call me at 720-272-7466.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Overview/Getting Started

    • Course Introduction

    • Overview/Getting Started

    • ACTION STEP: Download Template/Create your Schedule of Weeks

    • ACTION STEP: Download Your Facilitator Trainer Notes

  • 2

    Team Leader Training Notes

    • Team Leader Training Notes

    • Coaching Director's Notes

  • 3

    Choose Your Meeting Platform

    • Choose Your Meeting Platform

    • ACTION STEP: Choose and Set-Up Your Meeting Platform

  • 4

    Why is Team Leader Training Needed?

    • Why is Team Leader Training Needed?

    • ACTION STEP: Get Testimonials

  • 5

    First Team Leader Meeting

    • First Team Leader Meeting

    • ACTION STEP: Gather Team E-mails

    • ACTION STEP: Hand Out Schedule of Weeks

  • 6

    Prep for Typical Team Leader Training Sessions

    • Facilitator Prep for Typical Team Leader Training Sessions

    • ACTION STEP: Set Up Your First Meeting, Send Link

    • ACTION STEP: Create E-mail Group and Send E-mail

    • ACTION STEP: Prepare Your Life Changing Event Story

  • 7

    During a Typical Team Leader Training Session

    • Facilitator Training During A Typical Team Leader Session

    • ACTION STEP: Practice a Check-in with your Team Leaders

    • ACTION STEP: Lead Exercise from Week 4

  • 8


    • Keeping Team Members Engaged

    • When a Team Leader's Team Member is Not Engaging from the Heart

    • When a Team Member is more "Telling" than "Coaching" During Sessions