The Book of Job

Perspective on Suffering from Surviving the Carr Fire | Instructor | Tony Stoltzfus
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Course Description

The Carr fire destroyed over 1000 homes in Redding California in 2018--and Tony Stoltzfus's house was one of them. In this journey through the often-misunderstood book of Job, Tony shares insights about how to meet God in your own fire of suffering and adversity.  You'll learn:

  • The amazing, unexpected and beautiful thing God was doing in Job in the midst of his trial.
  • Why God rarely answers the question "Why?" and what to ask for instead.
  • How Jesus makes everything that happens to you work out for good (and what "good" in that verse really means).
  • Practical steps to getting heaven's perspective on your experiences of suffering.
  • What to say and what not to say to those who are hurting. 

Filmed on site at the remains of Tony and Kathy's home, this course includes:

  • Six video teaching sessions
  • Companion Bible studies to help you unlock the mysteries of the book of Job. 
  • A series of intimate, personal journal entries Tony wrote as he processed this traumatic event. 
  • A dramatic story of  what happened in the first two days of the fire, including the largest recorded fire tornado
  • Illustrated with Tony's own photos of the fire and its aftermath

If you have always wondered how to read Job, how to respond to others who are hurting or how to navigate your own sufferings, this course is for you!

Session List

  1. The Big Questions about Suffering
  2. Four Answers to Job’s Question
  3. God’s Answer to the Question, “Why?”
  4. The Problem with Job’s Integrity
  5. Getting Heaven’s Perspective
  6. Do You Get Your Stuff Back?
Tony Stoltzfus
Tony Stoltzfus
Director of Training

About the instructor

The Founder and Director of Curriculum Development of LMI, Tony specializes in helping senior ministry and business leaders engage God in difficult circumstances and finish well. A lifelong student of personal change and personality type, Tony is a highly-sought-after transformational coach with a worldwide clientele.

A pioneer in the Christian coaching movement, Tony has trained thousands of coaches, co-founded an international coaching school and created a wide range of leadership resources used around the world. He is the author of ten books, including Coaching Questions, the top-selling coaching how-to on

Tony developed, an on-line Christian coaching bookstore and publisher of Christian coaching resources, and is creator of The Calling Journey, a research-based online calling timelining tool.

Tony travels widely, leading workshops and speaking on heart transformation and coaching. He is known as a speaker for an interactive, adult learning approach to training that fully engages participants, and for a high level of personal transparency. He and his wife Kathy have two grown children and reside in Redding, California. He enjoys being in nature, watching the stars, reading, laughter and projects around the house.

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