Transforming the Heart Workshop

Unlocks the secrets of lasting change in life's most difficult growth areas, while revolutionizing your conversation with Jesus. Beginning with a profoundly moving, 90-minute Taste of Heaven encounter, this in-depth course focuses on the process of how God transforms hearts by filling our deepest desires. Through identifying the desires that drive your behavior and hearing Jesus speak life to them, you will be transformed, and come away with powerful tools for engaging and transforming the hearts of others.. One of the biggest reasons why we fail to change is we try to manage our outward behavior but ignore why we do what we do. Disciplining your outward actions without addressing the beliefs, wounds, needs, and unmet desires that drive them is like sticking your fingers in a fan to try to stop the blades from turning. It would be much less painful to just pull the plug! According to Jesus, outward behavior (the turning fan blades) is driven by the heart (the motor). The secret of transformation Jesus' way is unplugging that motor and plugging into a new power source--desire fulfilled in relationship with God. Transforming the Heart shows you how to identify your heart's desires for things like love, approval, or security, understand how those desires shape your actions, and--most important--how to meet Jesus in a way that satisfies those desires. When you disarm the powerful urges behind an unhealthy behavior, you'll find that outward change happens almost automatically.

Living from the Heart Workshop

Living from the Heart is about meeting God in your life experiences, from the earth-shaking to the everyday. Applying the MetaFormation principles to your story infuses it with purpose, helping you understand how God is leveraging everything you experience to move you toward your destiny. Living from the Heart covers: Getting to know the God who causes every experience to work for good; Learning the Calling Journey model and creating a timeline of your own journey; Meeting God in suffering; Using transformational coaching to bring life in the midst of pain; Reframing techniques that help you and others take on God's perspective; Learning to hear Jesus speak to your desires through life circumstances. We'll dig into your life and find the hand of God all over it, then show you how to lead others into meeting God in every circumstance. You'll learn powerful transformational coaching techniques from a master coach that bring God's perspective to difficult situations. Presented using an innovative mix of demonstration and debriefing, learning games, and hands-on practice, this workshop shows how to engage God in a way that makes all things work together for good.

Coaching the Heart Workshop

Wouldn't it be cool if Jesus actually joined your coaching sessions? Imagine if every appointment was a three-way call instead of just a dialogue between you and your coachee. Instead of looking for answers within, you could simply ask Jesus and he’d tell you straight up! Coaching the Heart will teach you how to do just that: help your clients have life-changing, live dialogues with Jesus, right in your coaching sessions. Coaching the Heart is about doing heart change by letting Jesus speak to the person’s emotions, beliefs and desires. It’s transformation, not behavioral modification. For instance, when your client identifies a belief, instead of thinking it over you’ll go straight to Jesus and say, “Jesus, here’s what I believe: ____. What do you think of my belief?” And Jesus responds, with amazing insights that realign the heart as well as the mind. We’ll teach you to hear God this way yourself, how to formulate and direct questions to Jesus, and how to build an atmosphere of belief where people find it easy to hear God’s voice. You’ll learn to help coachees take their biggest unanswered questions to God and get answers, and how to troubleshoot effectively when people say they aren’t hearing anything (hint: usually they have—they just don’t believe they have). If you’ve wanted more impact as a coach, if you’ve wanted to go deeper with people, if you’ve wanted your sessions to bring both wisdom and a supernatural touch from God, this course is for you!

Relating from the Heart Workshop

Relational Transformation is about allowing God to speak to your heart through others. One of the primary ways God builds us and gets our attention is through hearing words of life from the body of Christ. Leadership MetaFormation's Relating from the Heart Course focuses on several main areas: Transparency: Building authentic relationships and leading from transparency. Affirmation/Validation: Learning to open our heart's desires authentically to others and receive as they speak words of life to the depths of our being. Challenging Forward: Confrontation tends to turn out negative because it looks backward at what you did to me. But there's a better way. Challenging forward calls others to their best in a way that preserves relationship and produces real change. Building a Feedback Culture: How to build feedback, transparency and honest communication into organizational cultures. Covering areas like challenging forward instead of confronting, speaking to blind spots, healthy feedback, speaking words of life and more, this course will revolutionize your relationships and greatly deepen your experience of God through his people.

MetaFormation ENCOUNTER!

One Year Program

Do you feel…

Busy, but not sure you’re very effective?

Frustrated, wishing for more evidence of transformation in yourself and those you lead?

Alone, wishing you had peers to process life with?

Dry, hoping that God would touch you in a more profound way?

If you’re yearning for more than what sitting in another meeting can give, the MetaFormation Encounter! training program is for you. It touches your heart, not your head, by giving you profound experiences with God in the company of a close-knit group of fellow travelers. It takes you deep, by unraveling how your heart actually works and demonstrating how you can change through filled desire instead of willpower and discipline. And it gives you the Encounter Coaching skills to lead others on the same life-altering journey to the heart.

This one-year virtual program will give you:

- A radical new fluidity and depth in your conversations with Jesus

- Encounter after God-encounter that touches your deepest desires for love, significance, belonging and more.

- Transformational tools for reshaping identity, memories, wounds, and beliefs. Reframing techniques to rewrite the most painful stories in life through the eyes of heaven. Tools for catalyzing authenticity, building cultures of feedback and navigating conflict from the heart. Powerful Encounter Coaching skills for transforming others through encounters with God. This highly-interactive one-year program is limited to 32 participants to keep it relational, and will take you through all four of the Meta Formation Encounter! courses (Transforming the Heart, Living From the Heart, Relating From the Heart and Coaching the Heart). Next Cohort Starts with Living From the Heart on April 24th; Early Registration ends March 26th, 2021 the image or provide supporting information.

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